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Part 1 - Accessible Educational Materials: Basics for Educators and Families
Webinar - 04/13/15
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Event Summary: Presented by AT Specialist Joy Zabala, this introductory webinar provides foundational information about accessible educational materials (AEM) and offer extensive resources on AEM, including state-specific contacts.
iPad Apps for Foundational Literacy Skills & Language Development: Application & Implementation
Webinar - 04/07/15
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Event Summary: Presented by Diana Petschauer, AT Specialist and CEO - Assistive Technology Professional, Assistive Technology for Education, LLC, this webinar focused on the use of iPad Apps as instrumental tool in the development of language development for children with disabilities.
Meet the Experts: AT 101 Webinar (04/02/15)
Webinar - 04/02/15
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The Top 5 iPad apps for Struggling Readers and Writers
Webinar - 03/18/15
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Event Summary: In this webinar, AT Specialist Diana Petschauer demonstrated 5 iPad Apps for struggling readers and writers- with a focus on K-6.
21st Century Professional Development: New Avenues, New Opportunities
Webinar - 03/16/15
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Event Summary: In this webinar, AT Specialist Chris Bugaj discussed many web-based opportunities for professional development.
Free and Low-cost Strategies to Improve Reading and Writing
Webinar - 02/23/15
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Event Summary: In this webinar AT Specialist Chris Bugaj, discussed and demonstrated the use of free and/or low-cost strategies to improve reading and writing skills of children with disabilities.
Going Google! - Chrome Apps & Extensions
Webinar - 02/09/15
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Event Summary: Part 2 of the series "All Things Google" Webinars with AT Specialist Mike Marotta, this webinar focused on the software aspect of the Chrome browser. The presentation includes 1) quick glance at the Chrome Store, SETT framework as the basis for selection of apps and differences between Apps and Extensions and 2) demonstrating the power of Extensity to help user manager all Chrome extensions and OneTab to reduce power comsumption. Mike also demonstrates the use of the following apps Readability, Dictanote and MicNote.
Cafe Discussion: Going Google!