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Creative Technology for Inclusion and Engagement
Webinar - 04/12/18
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Event Summary: In this presentation, John O'Sullivan explores creative technology to help struggling learners better access the curriculum and engage in the learning process. You will learn about how to include students in art, and music with technology and engage students with various disabilities.
AT and the IEP
Webinar - 03/29/18
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Event Summary: Are you a parent or family member of a child with an IEP? Do you work with students with disabilities and their families? This family-oriented webinar with Lisa Lightner will provide valuable ideas on how to advocate for assistive technology devices and services designed to help students be successful at school.
AT and Apps to Support Math for Diverse Learners!
Webinar - 03/14/18
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Event Summary: Let’s talk math apps and assistive technology tools to support access to math assignments for diverse learners! Diana Petschauer spoke on how math assignments can be worked on in accessible formats, using iOS apps (iPhone/ iPad) and Google Chrome Apps & Extensions (Laptops, Chromebooks, Windows), and other assistive technologies to support foundational and complex math skills, such as Algebra, Geometry, Word Problems, Fractions, Math drills, Automaticity, and more.
Study Skills 1: Research and Note-taking Skills
Webinar - 03/01/18
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Event Summary: Researching and taking notes is an important activity central to the academic lives of many teens and adults. This webinar with Tara Bruss and Sarah Giffen-Hunter for parents presented a discussion of the purpose of note-taking and useful strategies to employ.
AT & IT: Breaking Down Silos to Create Collaboration
Webinar - 02/27/18
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Event Summary: What does it mean for instructional technology specialists and assistive technology specialists to truly collaborate with one another? This session with Mary Shannon Marcella and Rhianon Gutierrez addressed the benefits of such a partnership, and how it is beneficial for student learning and professional collaborations.
Innovative Strategies to Enhance Understanding and Comprehension with Assistive Technology
Webinar - 02/13/18
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Event Summary: Do you work with students who struggle with understanding content and reading comprehension despite remediation? No matter the underlying issues, many tools and strategies exist which bypass the challenges of in-class studying and support struggling learners. Karen Janowski hosted this fast-paced webinar to share a variety of innovative and free tools which promote understanding and independence.
Wearables as Supports for Executive Functioning and Independence
Webinar - 02/07/18
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Event Summary: In this webinar with Luis Perez, learn about a number of wearables and smartwatches in order to help you select the device(s) that best meets your access needs while staying on budget. After an overview of the built-in accessibility features of these devices, a number of apps were introduced that can assist in improving executive functioning capabilities.