One of CTD’s most popular topics, these resources focus on AT tools to promote reading, writing, and related skills.

Here's a go-to list of apps for literacy

Provided during the Top 5 iPad Apps for Struggling Readers webinar led by AT Specialist Diana Petschauer, this is a list of 60 apps that support literacy and executive functioning- including text-to-speech, voice recognition, word prediction, audio recording, and notetaking. A short description and weblink are included for each app.

Learn about tools to support students with dyslexia from the experts.

In this webinar, AT Specialists Diana Petschauer and Kelsey Hall demonstrated AT tools to support students who experience dyslexia with regard to developing goals and choosing appropriate accommodations as part of students’ IEPs. Presenters also discussed interventions designed to close achievement gaps by providing well-researched programming that is explicit, systematic, and multisensory in nature, with plenty of opportunities for practice.

Check out this tip sheet for parents to help develop literacy skills

Literacy for All: Tips to Support Reading and Writing for Children with Significant Disabilities - This tip sheet provides parents with strategies and important considerations for developing their child’s literacy skills. Topics discussed include reading to your child, ensuring a method of communication, and facilitating a way for a child to write

Learn how captions can help improve reading skills for struggling readers.

Captions can provide struggling readers with additional print exposure, improving foundational reading skills. In a typical classroom, a teacher may find many students who are struggling readers, whether they are beginning readers, students with language-based learning disabilities, or English language learners (ELLs). One motivating, engaging, and inexpensive way to help build the foundational reading skills of students is through the use of closed-captioned and subtitled television shows and movies. View this short video for an overview of how you can use captions with your students.

Exploration of Apps and Other Resources for Supporting Language and Literacy in Young Children

Led by Beth Poss, Coordinator at Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program (MCITP), Montgomery County Public Schools, MD, this webinar explored developmentally appropriate apps and other media resources that support the development of language and literacy in young children in alignment with best practices in media use of young children.