Assistive Technology 101

Get informed about assistive technology for students with disabilities. 

Are you a parent new to assistive technology?..... Start learning the basics.

It is important for parents to learn about assistive technology so they can be informed advocates for their child’s technology needs.  AT makes it possible for children with disabilities to take part in life’s activities. It can strengthen developmental, functional, and learning skills. It can substitute for abilities that a person may not be able to develop. For instance, AT can allow a child to communicate their thoughts, wants, and needs. We have compiled these resources to help you get started on your assitive technology journey. 

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Get in-the-know about the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The law requires that public schools develop appropriate Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for each child who is eligible for special education services. The IEP is a written plan for educating a child with a disability. The IEP describes the student’s specific special education needs as well as any related services, including assistive technology.  It’s important that parents be prepared and informed when going through the IEP process.  The following resources are designed to inform about assistive technology and the IEP.

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Watch this short video for a great intro to using AT with students with disabilities.

Welcome to this short video outlining basic topics and concepts for using assistive technology with students with disabilities. Students, parents, teachers and other service professionals can benefit from this overview video.

AT Specialists join us to share the basics of AT and how it can help overcome hurdles.

This webinar recording featuring staff from PACER's Simon Technology Center discusses the basics of assistive technology (AT) and the ways in which technology can alleviate the daily hurdles faced by learners with disabilities. The video includes demonstrations of AT alternatives to help learners thrive at school and at home.

Understanding the basics of AT.... Here's a short and sweet infographic.

This infographic provides a visual summary of the basics of assistive technology (AT). Topics include definitions, categories of AT, levels of AT, and applications for communication and computer access. 

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