Digital Accessibility

Resources, tips, and information for state and district leaders on how to ensure digital accessibility. 

Digital Accessibility Toolkit

Accessibility is essential for leveraging technology and providing educational opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities and English language learners. The toolkit offers resources, tips, and information for state and district leaders that can provide guidance on how to ensure accessibility is part of the educational equation. The four sections of the toolkit define accessibility and share why this effort is important today, identify the legal requirements for digital accessibility, describe the benefits of digital accessibility, and explain the procurement of accessible technology.

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The Basics – Getting Started with Accessibility

These handouts and infographics are designed to support educational leaders in working together to address accessibility – find tips, tools, and resources for SEA and LEA leaders, teachers, technology coordinators, developers, and school leaders!

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State and District Spotlights

What are educational leaders in Utah, Indiana, and New Hampshire doing to ensure accessible learning environments for their students? Learn strategies, lessons learned, and best practices from state and district leaders.