Webinars and Learning Materials

Assistive Technology (AT) Tools for Writing

For some students, writing can be a very hard skill to master. Through the use of AT, students can minimize their frustration with writing by using ‘alternative pencils’, or a different way of writing via tools that support various aspects o...

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Study Skills 2: Multi-Sensory Learning and Review

This webinar is the second of a 3-part series focusing on study skills by CTD and the PACER Center. Learning for students can be enhanced with tools that engage them with information in a multisensory manner, a combination of 2 or more sens...

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Featured Resources

App Analysis for Feature Matching

Understanding the key needs, goals, and objectives for a student and the key features of an app/device, enables us to match students with the most appropriate device or app to achieve a desired goal. Dr. Therese Willkomm created this resource fo...

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Transition Tech Tools to Empower Your Student - Resource List

This resource list accompanies the webinar, Transition Tech Tools to Empower Your Student, with Prof. Sean Smith. The resources included involve various transition tools, information on universal design for learning (UDL), and apps to ...

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