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Assistive Technology: What It Is & How to Use It

This webinar with Elizabeth Barry and Tina Hanson from PACER's Simon Technology Center describes the fundamentals of AT. They discuss the definition of assistive technology and ways to incorporate AT into your child's life to enhance learning and cre...

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Assistive Technology (AT) Tools for Writing

When a student struggles with writing, including getting their thoughts down on paper, spelling, grammar, or preparing bibliographies, assistive technology (AT) can help. Through the use of AT, students can get support with writing by using ‘altern...

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AT and the IEP

This family-oriented webinar provides valuable ideas on how to advocate for assistive technology devices and services designed to help students be successful at school. The information shared can be useful for all members of an IEP team, including pa...

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Featured Resources

Helping Parents Fund Assistive Technology (AT)

Finding the funds to acquire needed assistive technology (AT) is often a primary concern for families and educators. There may be alternative ways to find AT through a reuse program. This handout discusses progams for acquiring AT that involve refurb...

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Protection & Advocacy Education Fact Sheets

This website has fact sheets on nearly every aspect of special education and issues relating to students with disabilities. Topics covered include laws and policies, least restrictive environment, discipline, advocacy, filing a complaint, and transit...

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Considering Assistive Technology

This resource is designed to help members of IEP teams consider assistive technology for the needs of students with disabilities. There are many components to consider, such as student history, current needs, and future goals. This article from the C...

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