Using Assessments to Design Instructional Practices for All!

Chris Bugaj, Assistive Technology Trainer at Loudon County Public Schools;
Host, Writer and Producer of A.T.TIPSCAST 

Chris Bugaj

Every day educators work to design classroom instruction based on the principles of evidence-based standards. Meeting standards set by the Every Student Succeeds Act and the National Education Technology Plan, while responding to the varied needs of students in inclusive classrooms, can be a challenge.

In this webinar featuring Chris Bugaj, leading AT expert and CTD faculty member, participants will learn about the use of individual student assessments to inform best practice. Chris will show how the use of assessment data can help teachers and service providers identify and use such AT tools as AAC apps, note-taking apps, screen recording, text to speech and speech to text, word prediction, online calendars and other powerful technology tools. As with all CTD webinars, participants will have the opportunity to pose questions and share their own knowledge, experience, and online resources.

Event Date: 
Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm EDT
Event Type: 
Cafe Event