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Mobile Devices in the Inclusive Classrooms: Using the Right Tool for Learning - Apps, software and the cloud! -Webinar
Webinar - 05/11/15
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Event Summary: We know about the hardware platforms available for the inclusive classroom but what do we do with these devices? This session with Mike Marotta will begin the exploration of all available tools to ensure that our tools are effectively meeting the diverse needs of each student. Using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles as a roadmap, we will explore apps and software tools to provide multiple means of engagement, representation, and action & expression.
Mobile Devices & Inclusive Classrooms: Coming up with a plan - Hardware, Access and Accessibility -Webinar
Webinar - 05/05/15
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Part 1: Successful Transition to College - the Role of Technology
Webinar - 05/04/15
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Event Summary: AT Specialists Bryan Ayres and Janet Peters discussed major factors in AT planning for students with disabilities transitioning to employment or post secondary environments. The presentation highlighted the QIAT-PS Tool, procedures and activities needed for K-12 professionals to improve this process.
UDL and Online Learning
Webinar - 04/23/15
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Event Summary: Dr. David Rose leads an informative discussion of universal design for learning (UDL) and online learning.
Part 2 - Accessible Educational Materials: Using AEM in Your Own Setting
Webinar - 04/17/15
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Event Summary: This is the closing webinar for the Accessible Educational Materials event with AT Specialist Joy Zabala. The session focused on the issues raised during the Café discussion and offered additional ideas and actions to help participants increase the availability and use of AEM in their own settings.
Learning Center Office Hours: AT 101
Webinar - 04/14/15
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Part 1 - Accessible Educational Materials: Basics for Educators and Families
Webinar - 04/13/15
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Event Summary: Presented by AT Specialist Joy Zabala, this introductory webinar provides foundational information about accessible educational materials (AEM) and offer extensive resources on AEM, including state-specific contacts.