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Creating Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) with iBooks Author and Book Creator
Webinar - 10/12/15
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Event Summary: Presenter: Luis Perez, Ph.D., Apple Distinguished Educator and Accessibility Expert Participants learned to use Book Creator and iBooks Author to create and publish ebook accessible to all learners. These ebooks can include embedded content (videos, slideshows, etc.) to promote student engagement and target diverse learning styles. Participants also learned to describe images and make them accessible with screen reader, use closed captioned videos to make content accessible to students with hearing loss, and use dictation to facilitate the writing process for students with motor challenges.
Power Up Your Students’ Research Projects! Using Technology to Help Students Conduct, Write and Share Research Projects (Kick-Off Webinar)
Webinar - 09/17/15
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Event Summary: Led by Judith Zorfass, this webinar introduces participants to the 4-weeks course. Highlights include exploration of resources used in the research process and how these materials support evidence-based teaching practices. Topics include building background knowledge, taking notes and integrating information, writing, editing, and presenting. Participants will also learn digital storytelling and how to provide additional support to struggling students.
Apps Across Curriculum Course Webinar 3: Free and Low Cost AT Tools & Resources for Accessible Textbooks and Educational Materials
Webinar - 08/31/15
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Event Summary: In this last webinar for the course Apps Across Curriculum and Platforms to Support Struggling Learners, Diana Petschauer, M.Ed., ATP discusses the use of apps as assistive technology (AT) and as a tool to expand access to learning. She explores the use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a means to provide students with multiple means of action and expression; and analyzes the use of cloud-based AT resources, including literacy software, to ensure student success. Diana will also delve into free and low cost AT tools & resources for accessible textbooks and educational materials
Apps Across Curriculum Course Webinar 2: Chrome apps and extensions for education
Webinar - 08/24/15
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Event Summary: Week 2: Chrome apps and extensions for education This is Week 2 webinar for the course Apps Across Curriculum and Platforms to Support Struggling Learners. Diana Petschauer discusses Chrome Browser and Chrome Web Store, Access to Apps and Extensions, Searching by Features needed, and Devices/ Platforms these apps and extensions can be used for and with. She also discusses apps and extensions to support struggling learners in the classroom, with demonstrations and hands-on participation. Realistic implementation and strategies are discussed.
Communication Strategies for Adolescents as They Transition through Adulthood
Webinar - 08/19/15
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Event Summary: Led by Patricia Ourand, MS, CCC-SLP and current President of Associated Speech & Language Services, Inc., this webinar focused on the successful use of AAC devices from adolescence through adulthood and provided a person-centered approach to intervention that supports successful communication across environments and over time.
iOS Accessibility & Apps (Kick-off webinar for Apps Across the Currriculum)
Webinar - 08/17/15
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Event Summary: This is the kick-off webinar for the CTD Course Apps Across Curriculum and Platforms to Support Struggling Learners led by Diana Petschauer, AT Specialist. The module assists educators use mainstream technology as AT in education, including free and built-in accessibility, apps for iOS, and Google Chrome apps and extensions for education. Also discussed are built-in Accessibility features-iOS devices. (Screen Reader/ Voice Over, Zoom/ Magnification, Text-to-Speech, Voice Recognition, Assistive Touch, Mono Audio, Guided Access, Calendar/ Reminders, Sequencing Activities, Organization, etc).
The Swipe Generation: Best Practices with Mobile Technology for Young Children
Webinar - 07/23/15
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Event Summary: Led by Beth Poss, Educational Consultant and Special Education Administrator for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, this webinar examined the current research on the use of technology for children birth-8 years, and the implications of using these tech tools for early learning.