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Technology Consideration and Assessment for Secondary Students

In this webinar, Chris Bugaj shares a method of assessing student needs that incorporates tools and strategies that take the least restrictive approach....

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Getting Started: Managing Time and Staying Focused in College with the Help of Assistive Technology

This article offers insight into how combining healthy study habits with technology can help a college student to focus and manage their time. ...

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K-12 Student-Centered Assistive Technology Plan

This two-page document helps IEP teams discuss and document the assistive technology needs of a student. This document was designed to be used with students who are in kindergarten to twelfth grade....

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How Do Technology and Screen Time Affect Early Childhood Development?

What impact do apps and screen time have on early childhood learning and development? How young is too young? Jacqueline Hess, Director of the Center on Technology and Disability at FHI 360, explores what technology can offer to even our youngest chi...

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