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Technology Solutions for Early Childhood - Research

The Research Panel Discussion addressed the following areas: 1) Use of Mobile Media Devices- Benefits and Challenges, 2) Screen time and accessibility issues in Early Childhood, and 3) Effectiveness of digital stories and use of robotics to address t...

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Q&A: Supporting Play & problem Solving in Young Children in the Context of a UDL Early Learning Environment

This Question and Answer (Q&A) resource explores several key issues in efforts to implement universally designed learning (UDL) environments for young children. It looks specifically at means of promoting early math literacy....

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Early Childhood Activity: Get Them Talking

Traditionally much of the language offered to young and beginning AAC communicators has been comprised of nouns and descriptive words. This activity can be used to demonstrate to parents and professionals the differences in the quality and quantity o...

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Nurturing Young Readers: How Digital Media Can Promote Literacy Instead of Undermining It

Children use digital media everywhere. In this article, the authors talk about the importance of having parents and children using digital media together, and the need for more guidance on how to use digital media to promote learning. ...

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